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Valentine’s Day 2016

I know it’s April guys, but I’m trying to catch up on some really old posts. For holidays and family traditions the most fun thing for me about blogging is looking back and seeing what we did each year and also crying in the closet after seeing how big the kids have grown. I do love Valentine’s Day and that the day is a great excuse to spoil each other. We did a lot of handmade gifts this year, and honestly for me, those are the BEST gifts.

I attempted to make CJ a poster of the kids, but then I sent the wrong file to fedex, which inadvertently gave me a rush of feelings from back in the college presentation days and stressing over prints needed. CJ was so sweet and got Nola flowers from the grocery store, but being in true WI form it was freezing out that day and from the walk to the store to our house the poor flowers died. We were cracking up! Nola didn’t mind in the least however. Kids are so great in that way.

IMG_9549 here’s nola admiring her beautiful dead flowers. it was so funny guys!! parenting is so fun sometimes. IMG_9557 copy I had created a file that had this saying on it, but apparently I didn’t send that one to fedex. so here’s my horrible hack job trying to write it by hand. we are BIG wes anderson fans and futura fans btw valentinesposter And here’s the originally photo I took when I was making the poster.

And for fun here is last year’s Valentine’s day, and 2014 and 2013.

Brewers Game Fun

My dad asked me awhile back if we all wanted to go to a Brewer game on a Friday in April. It sounded like fun and we were on board, but truth be told since life has been busy I wasn’t thinking much about it until it came closer to the date. The game was last week Friday and it was maybe 28 degrees out (thank you wi), snowing and the game started at 7 (our kids go to bed around then). To say I was a bit concerned would be an understatement. Would we be freezing?? Would the kids have meltdowns? Would we then have meltdowns??? All thoughts going through my head.

I’m happy to report everything was better than expected. Even though it was so soo cold out, it was really comfortable in the stadium. In fact I was sweating. We kept on taking off layers to the point where it was ridiculous the pile of sweat shirts and coats spewed out all over the place. If family and friends want to go to a game with you and like your kids, GO!! There were times throughout the game where CJ and I were kid free and we felt like we should just go walk around the stadium or take a nap…there were even moments where I dare say it was relaxing? As for how the kids were for not getting home till 11:30, they were abnormally good. Like we they transferred from their carseats into their beds no problem. It has us overly confident on the next time we go out way past bedtime.

Here’s some photos of game if you care to see: IMG_0013 this girl has been such a sweat heart lately! she always tells us how we are her best bud and how much she loves us. we are so crazy about her! IMG_0020 this photo is a bit blurry but best represents how much fun our kiddos were having with family and friends and the happy chaos that went along with it. IMG_0024 IMG_0035 here’s my sweet boy with the giant pretzel (which was dipped in butter and then in salt…so basically deliciousness) this photo made it on the jumbotron screen. IMG_0037 here’s my sweet niece who is so kind to our kiddos. i also love jonas’s grin in this photo. IMG_8707 me and my pops IMG_9038 family selfie stick photo (do you see nola?) IMG_9040 my niece and her friend wanted to go to the very top seats in the stadium and nola wanted to go so badly. she was telling us she was going to go with them, we were like, ‘um, no kid you can’t go by yourself with them.’ we are in so much trouble later on. Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset she’s on top of the world, or stadium and as cute as can be.

Thanks dad and mom for the fun night!!

Nola’s New Bedroom

The first rooms we plan on completing are the kid’s bedrooms once we move into our new house. We want the kid’s to love our new place and be excited for the move. Nola’s expressed numerous times already how she doesn’t want to move and she will miss the house we live in now (which is so sad and sweet at the same time). So we want to make her room lovely and really special for that girl. I have already consented to allowing her bedroom to be painted pink, but it will be the softest pink, similar to a blush/rose quartz color, which is one of the 2016 pantone colors mind you! And in all honesty I’m on board with and think it will be quite nice.

Something that’s important to me when decorating Nola’s bedroom is investing in items that can grow along with her as she gets older. Her room now consists of a hodge podge of items and I’m excited to try to finally pull everything together.

Here are a couple of rooms that are inspiring me in the blush color, much different in styles, but nonetheless I like them all :

blush room_2 source

blush pink bedroom source 10-french-bedroom source

And these are the items I’m eying to purchase for her bedroom along with a couple of items she has already.

16.04-06_Nola's Bedroom copy The items we already have and plan on using again in Nola’s new room is the Oh Joy heart light, wall dollhouse my grandpa made me when I was little (the one in the photo is one I found on etsy which is very similar however mine is a wood finish which ironically is filled with animals as well), and the two drawer dresser (discontinued from Ikea). We need to get Nola a bed but I’m still very hesitant on getting a standard height one since she rolls around like crazy when she’s sleeping. Last year on vacation she fell out of bed twice and we felt horrible. But you can’t go wrong getting a Jenny Lind bed, I feel that style is timeless. I think a faux sheepskin rug and grey knitted pouf would make her room comfy and add some great texture. I am loving the idea of getting this San Francisco print from Rifle Paper since she always talks about CA and how she was born there (cute, right?). All the art I hang has some special meaning. Don’t you just love that wooden bead chandelier (sadly this is more than I want to spend, but hopefully I can still find something that’s somewhat dramatic like this one is). I am missing textiles like bedding and pillows which I most likely will use as an avenue to add some pop of color since everything is pretty calm and serene. Once her room is complete I will be sure to do a post showing what we ended up doing. I typically sit for awhile with rooms after we move, to just live and feel it out before making some purchases, and I know we won’t be able to buy everything right away, but like I mentioned earlier, the kid’s rooms are our top priority and can’t wait for them to be settled in.

Easter 2016


Easter was going strong this year in the G household. We were able to go to a couple of different Easter egg hunts, dye eggs, get spoiled with candy and treats and celebrate with family near and far. It was pretty adorable, Jonas liked finding the eggs and putting them in other people’s baskets, bless that sweet boy’s heart. Both kids are not a fan of the easter bunny however. In fact, CJ told Nola the easter bunny was coming to bring them their easter baskets and Nola told him she didn’t want him to come, which says a lot because that girl loves getting treats and gifts. But though all those activities were fun, I am so thankful for what Easter means to our family and God’s love and sacrifice that was made for us who are so undeserving.

Here’s some more photos of the kids if you care to see:

Easter Bunny copy

IMG_9888 IMG_9868 IMG_9861 IMG_9855 IMG_9854

I loved seeing everybody’s Easter family photos and was bummed we never got one all together, oh well. My parents came in the evening and by that time I was already in my pajamas. We also didn’t get photos of the kiddos with their baskets, but trying to have moments where we don’t always need to have our phones on us and be snapping away, definitely a balancing act for sure. And for fun here is our 2014 and 2013 Easter. And last year we missed most of the fun Easter activities because we were in Florida.