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Feelings On My Baby Turning ONE

This of course was started in January, but like all things these days, anything takes awhile to get done. So this part was written long ago…Jonas turns one this Saturday and I can’t help but get in a couple more kisses throughout the day (can you believe he doesn’t like giving kisses?!?!) and snuggle him wholeheartedly when I can. Jonas will always be known as our joy baby. I still can’t believe how foolish I was to want another girl because boys are special. Thanks buddy for proving me wrong!

Because Nola was a month early I just assumed Jonas would be as well. So I remember being anxious about him coming at 11 months, but with each day and as it got closer to the due date I got to the point where I really was ok with him taking his time. For one, Nola’s dance class was having an open house and I wanted to go to that, which was a day after Jonas’s due date. And by this time I was just freaked out about the delivery. With Nola by the time my contractions came I was already in the hospital for a day. I was worried I wouldn’t make it the hospital in time. Ironically that almost did happen, but in the end everything worked out. And now I can say when movies depict pregnant women screaming in the car, well that stuff actually does happen.

Here are some things I love about my ONE year old and want to remember forever:

– When Jonas is tired he loves being by his mama. I make CJ play this game where I’m holding Jonas and CJ asks Jonas if he wants to come by him and then he turns away and gives me a huge hug. We do that a couple times and CJ humors me.

– Jonas smells like a baby still, of course not like a itty bitty baby, but he still has this baby smell and it’s so great. And after bath time I use this lavender lotion, I mean that’s heaven on earth, but combine that with my sweet boy. In heaven I dream there will be a room with good babies (that are still not mobile mind you) that smell like lavender, and I can assure you that’s where you will find me.

–  My boy has a sweet and sensitive heart, but also a playful spirit. He loves when we swing him around, put him on our shoulders and when we dance and sing.

– The relationship and love he has with his sister. It is one of the greatest things to watch those two grow and love each other. Jonas always wants to be near Nola and every morning when he finally sees her he has the biggest grin on his face.

– We have a bookshelf and the lowest shelf are the kid’s books. Jonas loves knocking the books off and sitting and looking through them. He especially loves the animal books, yes oddly, we have another animal lover in the house.

– Jonas loves music of all kinds, listening to daddy play the guitar, dancing to Spotify, playing the piano at papa and grandma’s house and we are curious to see if that continues as he gets older.

– He loves saying Uh-Oh, over and over again. He also can say Noooola, mama, dada and very good at imitating noises.

– He loves plopping in the bean bag for a little rest and it’s so cute. He needs to plop in the bean bag for a rest because he’s typically moving nonstop.

– Jonas you are finally starting to sleep better!! You know only wake up once or twice in the middle of the night, yahoooo! We still co-sleep, but once we move and he has his own room this kid is getting the boot.

– I often say our little guy is trouble, but he’s more curious than anything. He seems to be attracted to danger and you need to be watching him at all times, but he is almost always the biggest sweetheart while doing these things and such an easy going baby.

IMG_5368 i started tearing up looking at all the hospital photos. there’s truly no love like the love a mama has for her little boy…

Projects With Nola

Who else loves Target’s dollar section? I am always impressed by the curated items, from the decor to the craft projects. We are on a big dinosaur kick these days which started long ago when CJ took Nola to the Good Dinosaur. So when I saw this cute kit where you find an insect inside an egg I couldn’t wait to do this with Nola. I know what you are thinking, how is any of this have to do with dinosaurs? It doesn’t, but somehow I did at the time. Anyways, it was a fun activity to do. However it was actually quite difficult to chisel away to find that darn insect! Mama had to get in there a couple of times and dig in. Here’s some photos of my cute little archaeologist if you care to see:

IMG_9661 IMG_9664 IMG_9666 IMG_9668