Monthly Archives: January 2016

Happy New Year!

It’s fun to look back at the year before we we close the books completely on this one and start up 2016. This year probably wasn’t one of the easiest years, but it wasn’t bad in the least either. The best part of 2015 was having Jonas and I think this year was primarily all about figuring out how to do it with two little ones. This year probably resulted in the least amount of sleep Cj and I have ever had. We also have had to work hard on our relationship on being a team with parenting, taking time for each other and time for ourselves.

Highlights for 2015 were going to Florida, Apostles Islands, Door County, our Chicago trips (here, here and here) and small moments like picking apples, Cj taking Nola to the circus, Nola’s tiger birthday party and going on dates with my man to friends’ weddings to just name a few. We had an overall good year and fortunate to have our health, cj’s job, no deaths in the family…so yeah I’d say 2015 had been good and we are grateful.

As fun as it is to start with a clean slate and make new goals for the new year, every year I also go in cautious and sometimes weary because as much as a new year can be blow your mind amazing, sometimes a year can be pretty trying. I don’t want to be pessimistic or a worrier, but I think I just realize we are not immune to tragedy either and just hope whatever we are given we can get through it, learn from it and cling to the love and grace from our God. So family and friends here’s to a New Year!! From our family to yours we hope you have had an amazing Holiday and have a blessed and Wonderful 2016!

IMG_9270 this was our new year and it was great! during the day we saw some of our favorite friends and later during the evening we ordered thai food and played settlers with our neighbors. and to make the evening perfect our neighbor busted out some mariah and n’sync.