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One day CJ told me he had a moment after having a conversation with Nola that he realized she’s a person.  Not a baby, but a real person who we can carry conversations with.  I’ve been having these feelings lately too.  It’s mind blowing to think 2 years and 9 months ago she was this tiny tiny baby.  It’s so true that at this age it can be challenging at times, but the fun we have…oh man…we are huge fans of this age.  Here are some adorable things Nola has been saying lately:


when daddy goes on the plane it makes me sad

my sprinkle doughnut is so beautiful

look mom my teeth are sparkly! (after brushing her teeth)

dad you have a sparkle in your eye

i love princess poop! (huh?)

this is the best day!

this is the perfect day!

it’s beautiful outside!  (we love her outlook, such a positive girl!)

oh jonas you are soooo cute

jonas is having a hard time right now

i want jonas to walk

mom turn the lights off (while in the car, referring to the sun…oy!)


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset are these bibs to die for!  gah i love that girl!

Friday Ramblings

Hey friends and happy Friday!  How’s everyone doing?!?  This week was our first week back from Florida and I think I finally feel like I’m kind of in a groove and schedule again?  I was legitimately worried how I was going to entertain my toddler and baby for 2 weeks without Nola’s toys and to be real here Jonas’ swing in a small condo.  I’m happy to report our time was pretty awesome and I realize toys can be overrated.  Granted the weather was great and we had lots of things to do and see outside!  I told CJ that this beach vacation got me in shape for a next beach vacation, ha!  Mama’s of more than one, the workout you get, that’s no joke!  Most days included us walking miles with Jonas in my wrap and Nola in the stroller.  I will post more about our trip in the near future, but in the mean time here’s what we have been up to lately and what’s been on my mind.

– I love Smitten Kitchen and this recent recipe I will eat all summer long and you probably should too, I’ve eaten for the past two days.

– I read the book The Girl on the Train on our trip.  Guys, this book scared the crap out of me!  It’s not necessarily a scary book, it’s more suspenseful, but it just freaked me out.  I wanted to hug my babies after reading it.  I’m a total wuss.

– Our place we stayed at in Florida had the smallest kitchenette area and so we virtually ate out most of our meals.  The thing I missed the most was having a kitchen and making food!  I love making food and it’s my way of taking care and loving on my family.

– Today I put all of our photos from our camera, CJ’s phone and my phone onto the computer.  People please do not let it get out of hand like I do.  The editing, deleting, sorting and organizing is ridiculous.  And make sure to back all your photos up!!

– I’m so excited to set up our tiny deck to grill and eat outside.  Right now I have nothing, but if we make some sort of outdoor space please come over and eat and drink with us.

– This week I finally got my hair done!  What a treat!  I have light brown hair, eeck!  Not all over, but I now feel ready for summer.

– Guys I have an almost 3 month baby and I have baby fever.  Does that even make sense?  We most likely are done with our two kiddos, but in another life I’d probably have 12 kids.  Also don’t think if you come by me and you have a little baby and that I won’t want to hold, hug and kiss your sweet thing.  I promise to use hand sanitizer.

– Every night, probably since Jonas has been born, CJ and I agree to watch a movie early evening and by the kids are asleep we change our minds…every single night.  Last night we toughed it out and decided to watch the longest most confusing movie, Interstellar, which I don’t recommend if you lack sleep.  We really liked it though, it didn’t go without some google explanations for me to completely wrap my brain around it though.

Thank you for letting me vent my guts out to you!  Hope you all have a great weekend, the weather here in WI looks awesome!

IMG_6025 copy photo from rosemary beach