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Circus Date

The other weekend CJ took Nola to the circus on a special daddy/daughter date.  We were unsure on how she would like it, or more importantly how long she would last.  But she not only had such a great time she almost lasted the entire time (she fell asleep during the last human cannon act).  I was so excited for her and kept on texting CJ the entire time wondering how it was going (yes I was slightly jealous, I mean she was going on a date with my guy :).  no but for real, more b/c i knew they were having a great time and it would have been fun to see it).  CJ was great though and sent me a couple of photos, thanks babe!  Here’s a couple of photos of their date if you care to see:

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all ready to go on their special circus date on valentine’s day! photo 2 checking out the elephants photo 3 nola’s special treat daddy got her Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset the next photos are blurry, but i just can’t help post them.  i just love this one! photo 3 (2) Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset love these two  photo 4 so much fun and excitement can be exhausting

I am so thankful CJ takes the time and is willing to do these special dates with Nola.  He really is a great dad!  Funny story, CJ told Nola she could do one special activity, it was between riding the elephants, ponies or going in the bouncy house.  Friends, she choose the bouncy house?!?  She could have ridden an elephant!!!!  Two year olds are the coolest people to be around, but at the same time they clearly don’t make sound decisions.  We will continue to work on this 🙂

Friday Ramblings

Friday Ramblings:

Hey guys hope you are all well!  We are good over here!  Though there are many times where simultaneously I have both kiddos crying, both have dirty diapers (i am convinced they are conspiring against me b/c this happens everyday now) and then I may at that moment sneeze and possibly pee my pants (sorry but really I have no control of my bladder anymore) we are making it work and kind of love life with two kids.  Here’s misc tid-bits of what’s been on my mind and more nonsense thoughts if you care to read.

1.  With the measles outbreak we are listening to our pediatrician and staying in with Jonas and avoiding crowds.  We also will probably not fly until he’s fully vaccinated, which is completely opposite of what we did with Nola, we flew so much that first year!  Yes I am a very paranoid mama and fully believe in vaccinations.  With CJ and I loving to do adventures, this year I guess it’s all about road trips, Lord help us all.

2.  We are trying to go to bed early, like 9:30 early and get up early to work out and work on some personal projects before the day starts.  Can I just say if this plan actually goes into fruition I will officially feel and say I now am an adult.  No not getting married, or having two kids have made me feel like an adult, I mean if we are honest here I still don’t know what I’m doing half the time.  But choosing to wake up before the kids or before I have to, like 5:30 that’s straight up adult.  I typed this before last night in which Jonas decided to stay up most of the evening.  That plan was great, but I just not ready to be an adult :).

3.  Again because the doctor said to especially avoid large crowds with Jonas and really he’s only 3 weeks old, I’m bowing out on going to the circus with Nola this weekend, which kind of breaks my heart.  I love that now Cj and Nola go on a lot of daddy/daughter dates, but I hate missing out on the fun and seeing her take in these new experiences.  On the flip side I get to snuggle with my little butter ball, watch tv and convince Cj to get me some type of treat.  I’m sure it’s the breast feeding, but I have more cravings now than when pregnant!

4.  The past year I haven’t had the desire to see any new movies coming out, but recently I have two I want to see:  Jurassic World and Kingsman (colin ferth as a nerdy guy being all James Bond, come on!!  One of the reasons I love and think my guy is so attractive and I could go on about this,  but he really is.  Nola also thinks he looks like all the princes in the movies bc he does!!)  We won’t really see these movies until they are out on dvd, but that’s ok something to look forward to.

5.  I’m finally going to schedule to get my hair cut and colored and honestly I can’t wait.  It’s been way too long and I’m excited!!

Thanks for letting me ramble!  Being a hermit, this post makes me feel like I’m in some sort of way talking to a friend on what’s up.  Clearly nothing too exciting is going on, but at the same time we really are living the best days over here.  Have a great weekend and I hope you feel especially loved this weekend!

DSC_0064 copy here are my two little valentines


DIY Valentine’s Day Pillow

DSC_0052 copy

Hey guys!  How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?  Life can be ho-hum sometimes so any holiday that comes along I love celebrating.  It’s nice to spice things up a little.  Plus a holiday that celebrates love?!?  Yes please!  So here’s a fun craft you can do in celebration of that special love day!  This craft is a heart pocket pillow that you can also collaborate doing with your toddler if you want.

DSC_0050 copy

– Pillow insert
– Fabric for pillow insert
– Fabric for heart
– Thread to match fabric
– Needle
– Scissor
– Ruler
– Fabric paint
– Paint brush
– Iron
– Sewing machine

1.  Depending on what size pillow insert/form cut (2) pieces of fabric 1″ larger than pillow to make pillow cover.  I had a 14″ x 14″ pillow so I cut out (2) squares 15″ x 15″.
2.  Have toddler paint on fabric.  I used black fabric and had Nola paint with white paint.  I just had her paint a large section of fabric.
3.  After paint has dried, cut out a heart smaller than the pillow cover.  Follow instructions according to what’s on the fabric paint’s bottle to heat set and ensure paint is permanent, mine called for ironing.
4.  Hem around the around the perimeter of the heart to prevent the fabric from fraying.
5.  Next sew heart onto pillow following the hem stitch.  Leave opening at the top of the heart to allow for pocket.
6.  Now you can sew the pillow cover.  Have backside of fabric facing out and sew pillow pieces together allowing a 1/2″ seam allowance.  Leave approximately a 5″ opening to insert pillow.
7.  After pillow is inserted use a hidden stitch with needle and thread to close up opening.
8.  Set out pillow and put a love note and a treat for the special people in your home!

I think this pillow is adorable and since I don’t think it looks like typical Valentine’s Day decor I plan on having it out year round.  And can I just say Nola’s painting, not only does it make this pillow more special, but I love how abstract it came out!!  I plan on slipping some notes and treats to my guy, Nola and guests when they come.  I think it will be a lot of fun!  Happy Valentine’s Day friends!

DSC_0002 DSC_0056

Little Jonas

Last week Friday morning, January 23rd, we welcomed a handsome and healthy little boy!!  We are so excited for you to all meet our sweet little man, Jonas Robert.  He reminds us of Yoda, or the turtle from Kung Fu Panda (no, you haven’t seen that movie?  well if you have a toddler it’s a good one and i especially like it bc jack black is in it and i love him).  Jonas is an old soul and we just adore him.  We kind of expected Nola to have a hard time adjusting, but she has been soooo good.  Of course she has her moments, but for the most part she has this big sister role down.  Once again I am amazed, so often I under estimate Nola and how she will handle things.  We are so proud of our two kiddos!

I’m sure it’s all the hormones, but I’ve been overly emotional about my love for my kids, I am so thankful to God for them.  This life in general can be so frustrating (everyone has something they are struggling with, am i right?) but if I just think about my family I feel like I won the lottery.  Yesterday Jonas was 1 week old and I am telling you, time is going by way too fast!

We are hibernating over here since my little man is an eating machine and wants to eat ALL the time.  It also is pretty easy to since it’s cold and snowy out there.  Here’s a couple of photos of Jonas taken from our phones, we think he’s pretty cute 🙂

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Thank you for all your well wishes we really appreciate it and a special shout-out to my parents for watching Nola girl and showering us with food.  We love you all!