2015 Halloween

I don’t know about you guys, but for us, our 3 year old seemed to change her mind on what she wanted to be for Halloween daily. It honestly was starting to stress me out a little because regardless of if I was going to make or buy the costumes, it takes time, especially when we try to do a family theme…that all stems from our daughter’s decision. Clearly that girl has too much power in our house. We would love to decide what her costume would be, but if she doesn’t like it she won’t wear it, hello cute dresses in the closet she won’t put on.

One day we decided to go to Halloween Express for some inspiration and there Nola had it narrowed down to super woman or a tiger. We were like, “this one!?! or this one?!? this one?! or this one?!!! Nola just pick one!!!!” In case you are wondering, yes, this how it is every morning getting dressed too, bless that sweet girl’s heart and ours as well. After much deliberation we are happy to report she went with the tiger costume. This is definitely is the year of the tiger for Nola since she also had a tiger birthday party earlier this year. I saw a baby tiger costume that I grabbed for Jonas and done and done! Though my crafting loving heart was a little sad because I wouldn’t be making them, I was also relieved and glad I wouldn’t have to be worrying about it anymore! With Halloween parties at school and events in the community this costume is in high demand much earlier than the 31st! And I have to say Nola wore that costume around the house and as pajamas for two weeks straight, yes you heard that right we choose our battles around here, that costume was worth every penny!

Here’s some photos if you care to see:

IMG_7609 This was at Nola’s school. We decorated a table and handed out some candy. As you can see we also caught some of the cutest tigers.

DSC_0011 Love my little tigers so much!

IMG_8843 And how it really is like trying to take a photo with a 3 year old and 9 month baby. Not easy, we usually are dancing, yelling for them to look our way.

IMG_7720 Nola posing with her pet tiger Simba.

IMG_8854 IMG_8850 DSC_0037 DSC_0069 DSC_0095

CJ and I had such a fun day and I know I’ve said it before, but I never was the biggest Halloween fan, but since having kids it is sooo much fun. We asked Nola what was her favorite part of the day and she said handing out candy.

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