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The Wonderful Age of 2

Guys I know I mentioned in the past that Nola’s first year felt like a good full year, lots of growing pains and we were figuring things on our own.  But that was completely the opposite for this second year.  It literally flew by and truthfully it’s kind of freaking me out.  Last year we threw a party at the local park with our friends, but decided this year to make it real simple.  CJ’s parents were in town and so we were able to celebrate with them as well with some close friends from back home.

Things I want to remember forever about this age is not only is it fun, but they are doing new things everyday and so innocent, bless their hearts.  At this age Nola talks a lot and she’s LOUD.  If we don’t answer or acknowledge her immediately it’s very similar to a broken record.  When we leave any place she loves saying goodbye to people, chairs, table, food, really anything.  She can count to 12 and we are working hard on her ABC’s.  Nola likes to sing the ABC’s, it’s just not in the correct order.  Her favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and will sing it all the time.  One thing I love about this age and who Nola is that she will dance like no one is watching.  She really get’s into the music and it’s hysterical (Let it Go in her interpretive dance is very moving).  As comfortable as she is around family she is a very shy girl.  If strangers talk to her she will put her head in her arm or hug me.  Nola loves mommy and daddy and at times she prefers one over the other, but right now she really doesn’t have a favorite.  She is also napping and going to bed like a pro and I hope this isn’t just a phase and will continue forever (i can hope right?!).

DSC_0105  If you are wondering it’s possible to create tassel garland, circle garland and prepare all the food for a small crowd in an afternoon.  Of course we kept it simple with appetizer’s, and drinks (all of Nola’s favorites of course).

DSC_0139  For Nola’s cake I kept her in mind and went with a frozen yogurt cake with a graham cracker crust with a whipped cream topping.  She also loves sprinkles so we had to add those 🙂


Not to get all mushy, but really Nola blows me away everyday.  I can’t believe how amazing she is and that at age 2 she’s so much cooler of a person I will ever be.  Thank you God for putting this sweet girl into our lives.

Strawberry Picking

Do me a favor and if you have a 2 year old or can borrow a 2 year old go strawberry picking!!  A couple of weeks ago we took Nola and it was such a great time!  At this age she gets what’s going on and loved finding the berries to pick, but of course her favorite part was testing them out of course.  And then we had to explain you can’t try everyone…and well that’s a glimpse of a life with a toddler.  But all in all it was awesome.

At this age it’s a little tricky because lots of things are so much easier if we do them on our own, or we think they will never remember this anyway.  But I’m a huge advocate on doing as much as you can with these little 2 year olds.  Activities, chores or vacations with toddlers often result in it becoming messy, taking too long and just being so much more work, but in those moments they are in absolute bliss, full of wonder and are memories my husband and I will always remember (or if i don’t, can always go back to this blog!).

Here are a few photos of the day if you care to see:

DSC_0174 DSC_0065 DSC_0072 DSC_0041 DSC_0039 DSC_0164 DSC_0106 DSC_0181 DSC_0001

The place we go picking is South of us toward Santa Cruz, off of Highway 1 across from the ocean.  It was a sunny breezy day where we could wear long-sleeves and be comfortable.  I just feel the need to describe that we could see the ocean, it was our ideal weather and I was with my most favorite people.  It was a good, good day.

Fort Bragg and Mendocino Family Trip

What a post?!?  I know this girl has been slacking!!  But nonetheless I had ‘do a blog post’ on my list of things to do today and i really love crossing things off the list (side note:  i started this post last week!! goodness).  For me this blog is about anything and everything that comes to me, but my main focus is documenting our family adventures.  And though I haven’t posted a lot lately we have done things and i need to get on it!

During the 4th of July week CJ gets the entire week off and so we always look forward to it and love doing some type of day trip.  We decided for part of the time to head up north to Fort Bragg and Mendocino.  With a toddler we broke up the driving to grab food and run around and so it seemed that most of the time away was spent getting to destinations, but regardless we had a great time and it was beautiful!  Highly recommend it if you ever have a chance.  CA never seems to disappoint in it’s beauty, things to do and of course the weather!

The first day we checked out Glass Beach in Fort Bragg.  It’s a cliffy, stoney type of beach which was gorgeous.  After that we headed south to Mendocino to stay the evening.  The next day we checked out the Pgymy Forest.  It had a wooded path and Nola loved running around.  She did this goofy dance and so we called it ‘dance hiking.’  Afterwards we headed to Mendocino for breakfast, check out the town and the views!  Mendocino is such a cute coastal town.  I kept on thinking this would be a great place to retire.

Here’s photos of the trip if you care to see:

IMG_4460 IMG_4453 DSC_0028 DSC_0058 DSC_0060

Doing these adventures with my little family is on the top of my list of things I love to do and brings me so much joy.   So thankful for the my family the opportunities we have!!