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Where the Wild Things Are was Nick's favorite childhood book. We can't wait to read it to our little girl.

Where the Wild Things Are was Nick’s favorite childhood book. We can’t wait to read it to our little girl.

Elyssa, my childhood friend, is building her photography business and was so sweet to take some lovely maternity photos of us a few weeks ago when I was a little over 8 months along. We’ve known each other for more than 15 years and it was so fun to collaborate with her to commemorate this special time in our lives. Here are a few favorites from the day.

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The 52 Week Project


DSC_0131 a portrait of my kid, once a week, every week in 2014

Surprisingly our child hasn’t ever had a fever until this past weekend.  Thankfully it was for just a day and the next day you can see she was back to her spunky self.  We are so thankful she’s a healthy little girl!

Random Thoughts and Ramblings

It’s been a good week around here and looking forward to the weekend.  Even if we have nothing planned I just enjoy having CJ around!  On my walk with Nola today I was thinking of my small, simple, but good life and wanted to share with you what I’m been thinking these days.  I should warn you most or all are random, of small importance and won’t change the world, but if only for myself I don’t mind looking back someday and see what I was thinking.

– M & M’s, to be clear mini M & M’s.  Sometime’s it’s hard to reason with Nola and I recently have started enticing, or ok bribing my child to do things.  Not terrible things, like cleaning the house or taking out the trash, though I wouldn’t mind doing that later in life, but for now it’s just having her go into the stroller so we can go home, or so she will get into her carseat.  I honestly haven’t processed this too long to decide if this is terrible, but at this point it has made things go a little smoother.  Once I can reason more with Nola maybe this strategy won’t continue.  It actually made me think of this scene on the show Parenthood where Julia asks her sister-in-law Kristina how she gets her kids to do things (Kristina seems like the perfect mom and in the show world she truly is).  The surprising answer she got from Kristina was that she bribed them with candy.  I should note she was high on marijuana since she was going through chemo, but it made her brutally honest.  If you don’t watch this show you should, it has the best writing, but I digress.

– Bananas.  Goodness do I appreciate bananas lately.  It’s the easiest snack since I don’t have to put it in a container or prepare it in any way and now Nola can hold it which is the cutest thing ever.  They make grocery shopping go so much easier as well!

– Camouflage.  Very much into camo these days.  Aren’t these moccasins awesome!?!

– 12 hrs.  Nola is pretty typical on how much she will sleep in 24 hours.  Too often I hear of people saying their kiddo’s sleep from 7-7 or 8-8 and I get a little upset and frustrated.  To top it off they they proceed to tell me they take a good 2-3 hour nap during the day!!  Nola sleeps from 8-4:30 and then waking up for good at 5:30/6:00 and, if we are lucky, a 2 hour nap during the day.  I am coming to terms with it and know there are many out there who have a worse schedule than ours.  I’ve heard of some kids who don’t take naps.  For those mom’s you are amazing and better than me.  I’m not ashamed to tell you I would go back to work full-time if that was the case.

– Delores Park.  Nola and I go to a lot of playgrounds throughout the week and the one I love the most is Delores Park.  Why I love it so much is because it’s the one playground where the entire time I don’t feel like all I’m doing is making sure Nola won’t hurt herself.  But rather I feel like I’m participating in the fun with all the features they have there.  We climb this big sloped wall, go down this mega slide, play drums, it really brings out the child in anyone.

– Nola’s almost 19 months now and this age is by far my favorite age!  She understand so much now and it’s so much fun seeing the wheels turning.  Some of the cutest things she has been doing lately is putting her hands in her pockets (coat and jeans).  She will even do it walking, which frankly makes me nervous since she can’t break a fall, thankfully no spills so far.  If you ask Nola where daddy is she will tell you “ork.”  If you ask her who she is, she says “noo-la.”  She loves going on “alks” and make “orts.”  The word of the week is “eat.”  At first I was horrified because I thought that meant she was hungry and I wasn’t feeding her enough, but later realized she will say that after a meal, during a meal, really all the time!  She’s a girl of my own heart, food is always on her mind.

– Dates!  Dates have been very neglected since Nola came.  A lot of that frankly is because it’s soooo expensive and we don’t have family near by.  After paying someone 15-20 per hour I feel bad spending more on a nice meal or concert.  But this past week I had dared to asked some of the nicest people (they have the sweetest boys who Nola adores) we know if they wouldn’t mind watching Nola.  They were free on Sunday and CJ and I went out and it was so great!!!  We decided we need to try to go out a bit more and also try to do more dates at home after Nola goes to bed.  I truly believe CJ needs to come first and that will result in a better marriage, better parents.

– Blistery Midwest Family and Friends.  Please feel free to come visit us!


Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and do something fun!  xoxo  Missy

Confessions of a Reluctant Father

36 weeks this week! We are turning the corner and BGW may be coming any day now. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been racing to get her corner of our bedroom ready (we won’t have a nursery since we will be moving to Utah in July), and to get all of the necessary supplies before her arrival. I’m sure there will be more last-minute errands but for now, I feel much better than I did a few weeks ago when I looked around our house and realized we were in no way ready to bring a newborn into it!

There really is no way to properly prepare for what lies ahead however we tried to at least get the basics down by taking a few classes on how to install a car seat, administer infant safety and CPR, and care for a newborn. Um, did you know that 90 percent of car seats are installed wrong?  And that there seems to be a million ways for babies/toddlers/kids to hurt themselves? I bet that comes as no surprise to parents out there. I’m not sure whether these classes were helpful or just served to make us more paranoid but at least I (kind of) know now how to change a diaper. Nick, having been on peds rotations during residency, knew how to swaddle and diaper a baby already. At least one of us will know what to do. Baby steps. Literally.

It has been hitting me lately how much parenthood will change our lives. Everyone tells us this but now that we’re near the finish line, I’m realizing that it will soon be our reality. For the past 12 years, it has been just Nick and me and we’ve been so blessed to have the time together to grow and develop as a couple and have adventures. I’m excited to meet Baby Girl and know that life as we know it will change for the better when she arrives. To be honest though, I can’t help feel a little wistful of letting go of our past responsibility-free lives. But enough of that. Like all major changes, we are moving onward and upward!

I ran across this article a few days back and had Nick read it to prepare for imminent fatherhood. Hopefully his transition will be a little smoother than the author’s, but it still made us both laugh (those plates!). Parenthood is going to be quite a trip. Any advice or insight, veteran parents out there, for the newbies?

Confessions of a Reluctant Father: How I Learned to Love My Daughter

Photo by Phillip Toledano

Photo by Phillip Toledano