2014 Easter

It never hit me until this year how Easter is a small runner-up to Christmas if you want it to be.  From Easter outfits, gifts, baskets, photo with the bunny, Easter Egg hunts that’s a lot going on!  I have to admit that entire week up to Easter it was a lot of fun and what made this year so great was that Nola understood what was going on and had a lot of fun doing the activities.

All those things are all good and great and I’m more than happy to take part in them, but for us the real meaning of Easter is Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and the celebration of his resurrection.  Our amazing church had 18 baptism’s that morning and it convicted me in such a big way.  It was such a great reminder of why we are here, what’s our true purpose and not being overwhelmed and consumed about such pity things.

For those who know where my parent’s live don’t you think that would make the best place for the ultimate Easter egg hunt?!  I want to make that happen some year!  Anyways, I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter, spent time with your special people and ate some good food.  Here’s a short video of some of the photos we took during that weekend if you care to see!  The song in the video is 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman.

P.S.  In regards to the video, trust me i’m with you on that fact that i can’t stand Nola’s hair in her eyes (she takes out every barrette, pony tail holder and headband).  And yes, I still love coordinating outfits with my girl and probably will until she won’t let me (i’m officially old and uncool and i’m ok with that).

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