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World of Color, pt. 2

I know I just wrote about this in the entry below, but this NPR post of Colorizing the March on Washington caught my eye today and it was too good and relevant not to share.

Today is the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington and Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. As the country remembers and pays tribute, here are some colorized images that will make you feel as if you were there on that historic day.

View of the huge crowd from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument. Colorized by .

View of the huge crowd from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument. Colorized by .

Civil rights leaders meet with President John F. Kennedy in the oval office of the White House after the March on Washington. Colorized by .

Civil rights leaders meet with President John F. Kennedy in the oval office of the White House after the March on Washington. Colorized by .

World of Color

Uh-oh….I hadn’t realized it’s been a month since my last post! We’ve been busy with summer it seems! Last week was spent at the lake in Brainerd, Minnesota for a mini family reunion with Nick’s family. With our three young niece and nephews running around, there was never a dull moment! Between the great conversation, food, drinks, and laughs we always share with my in-laws, it was a very much needed summer escape from the daily grind.

We’ve been blessed to have quite the summer…although dare I say it, I think I’m ready for fall and crisp weather again?? Sacrilege, I’ll regret these words in a few weeks! But I’m looking forward to autumn, sweaters, layers, pumpkin lattes, the anticipation of the upcoming holiday season and spending evenings cooking something slow and yummy over a warm stove again.

I’m digressing. I really wanted today’s entry to be about something fun a friend posted earlier on Facebook today. Maybe it’s my particular newsfeed, but have you noticed that Facebook has become less and less about people and their daily going-ons and more and more about news and interesting articles?  I kind of love it. I always learn something new every day by reading an article posted or recommended on my Newsfeed.

This post is about 20 Historic Black and White Photos brought to life by a mix of professional and amateur digital artists who add color and real-life vibrancy to historic photographs.

 Look at the photo below….

Big Jay McNeely on Sax Driving the Audience Into a Frenzy, 1953

Big Jay McNeely on Sax Driving the Audience Into a Frenzy, 1953

Now look at it transformed in color…


An art history major in college, I’ve always been a visual person. Purists may not like the idea of anyone messing with the authenticity of a historical image but in looking at these skillfully edited photographs, I was struck by how a black and white photo captured 70+ years ago can become more impactful just by adding color the image. More details and emotion pop out at you.

This is a great action image in black and white, but compared to the colorized image, a little static. In the color photo below with its warm reddish and yellow tones, you can feel the sense of urgency, the enthusiasm, and the euphoria these audience members are feeling as they watch this jazz great work his magic onstage. How neat, this glimpse of history that allows us viewers to relate to this moment as if it really happened in the present day! Check out the link above for more cool examples of colorized b/w historical photos!

My Favorite Farro Salad

I remember awhile back Krystal blogged about her signature dish.  I don’t think I’ve nailed down what would be my signature main dish yet, but I am happy to say I have found my signature side dish!  I am so obsessed with this farro salad I make it at least once a week!

With all the food I make I like things simple so I can assure you this recipe is so easy!  These are the ingredients you will need:

4 cups of farro (1 package of Trader Joe’s 10 minute farro)
1/2 cup of cooked edamame
1 cucumber cut in small pieces
1 cup of grape tomatoes halved
1 ear of corn cut off and cooked
1/2 cup of crumbled feta cheese
Juice of 1/2 a lemon
salt and pepper to taste
Raspberry vinaigrette

Once farro is cooled, toss all ingredients together with raspberry vinaigrette.

IMG_3299 ^^^ it tastes as good as it looks! ^^^

We have some days where we eat the not so healthy food, so eating this the next day as a side or for myself as the main course, in my mind it helps evens things out a bit.  Hope you give it a try because it is pretty tasty!!

Family Trip to Yosemite (Part 2)

I blogged weeks ago about the first part (part 1 HERE) of our trip we took in July.  Since then busy life happened and now I am finally getting around to it!  Ok let me think, where did we go again, haha just kidding.

Yosemite was our next stop and it is absolutely beautiful!  Go sometime, we recommend it!  We were fortunate enough that the waterfalls had not dried up yet, so they were really neat to see.

DSC_0287 ^^^pit stop before driving into the valley.  this little creek was probably the highlight of our day and nola loved it! ^^^  DSC_0279 ^^^contemplating life…^^^ DSC_0289 ^^^about to die, this little lady and crossing her cute little legs!^^^ DSC_0339 ^^^looking into the valley (we had to take turns getting out of the car to take photos since nola was sleeping…the way things change once you have kids)^^^ DSC_0361 ^^^walking to the water fall and my favorite photo of the day!  she’s so happy she’s not in the stroller right now :)^^^ DSC_0385 ^^^best family photo we could get…^^^

I wanted to add that unfortunately I had gotten sick during this short trip, migraine and then getting sick from greasy food.  Yeah, yeah, I know, stupid me for eating bad, I totally agree.  But there is a silver lining, while I was in misery, seeing CJ step up and take care of Nola, glad I got a good partner there.

On our way home to break the ride up we stopped by Outdoor World so Nola could walk around.  People, that was hands down, Nola’s favorite part of the entire trip!!!  Not the largest trees in the world, waterfalls, nah a department store did it for her.  They had tons of animals everywhere, a waterfall with fish, toys…well now we know!  Next time we plan Disney Land we will go to the mall instead 🙂

IMG_2936 nola’s favorite!!

This trip was a lot of work with a little one and it was tough with me getting sick, but we are still glad we did it and looking forward to our next little adventure!!!