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pacifica, ca

because of my love for food we went on a food venture to try a barbecue place we heard of in pacifica, ca.  gorilla bbq was on diner’s drive-in’s and dive’s and if you watch that show you know it can make your mouth water sometimes.  i have to say the food lived up to it’s hype.  whenever i smell food now, and it doesn’t matter what type i’m smelling, (chinese, mexican, whatever) i start to crave their ribs!  it’s very strange how that happens.  on the plus side, pacifica also has the most beautiful trails (mori point).  that order probably shouldn’t happen living in healthy conscious cali, food and then oh yeah bonus, nice trails, but that’s how i’m wired.

the last time we visited we ate our ribs in the car while nola was sleeping and then went on our hike.  this time i envisioned having a picturesque picnic with the family so we took the food on our hike.  i can easily say my vision of how i wanted things to go lasted maybe a minute!?!  it started out amazing, the weather was warm and beautiful, nola was playing so nice eating a toy and we were ready to dig in.  however, like typical san francisco weather it switched in minutes and it was cold and windy.  nola’s hair was standing up straight and she was giving us that look, “if you don’t do something about this very soon i am about to loose it.”  so sadly we had to tag team eating like the norm, sitting on napkins (so afraid the napkins were going to fly away into the ocean and then people would be chasing us down the hill for littering), being ok with getting bbq sauce on everything and holding nola girl.  eh, it wasn’t ideal and cj called it stressful, but i’m glad we did it or at least it was for a good story??

regardless we love gorilla bbq and, oh yeah, we also like the hike, haha 🙂


if you are ever in the area and have the time we will take you here!


looking at this photo makes me want to go back!!


the calm before the storm

Motivating Music Monday v.2

One of my favorite discoveries in Seattle is the local radio station, C89.5. The station is owned by Seattle Public Schools and is operated by high school students as part of a radio broadcasting course. It has been around for 40 years! They’re mostly known for playing dance and electronic music, and remixes of current hit songs. I absolutely love listening to the station because their tracks are infectious and full of energy, and I’m always discovering new artists and getting inspiration for the gym from their playlists.

Here are a few songs I’ve been loving lately:


Tidal Wave (feat. Alpines) by Subfocus

This song is so anthemic, I love how it crescendos and just takes you with it.

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
It’s rare to buy a whole music album these days, but I just purchased their debut album, Night Visions after hearing a few of their songs. There isn’t a track I haven’t liked! They have such a big sound. I can’t describe it any other way.

Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey
I’m late to the Lana Del Rey party but I do like her retro style. This reminds me of Summer 2012.

The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes feat. Ryan Tedder
All right. Ryan Tedder is admittedly cheesy, but the man knows how to make catchy songs. The music video featured John Orozco, the Olympic gymnast from Team USA last year. His story is pretty amazing. It’s the perfect mix of motivation and grit and it always makes me crank up the elliptical another level for those last few minutes when it plays.

Oh Vail

We are at a pretty interesting time in our lives. The fourth year of orthopedic residency is supposed to be low-key. I don’t know about that, but at least Nick’s not working around the clock as per usual! I’ve been grateful for the weekends Nick has been able to spend home, instead of at the hospital, but things have been picking up lately with fellowship interviews. We find out where we match April 2, and in July 2014, we will once again pack all of our belongings and move to a new city, this time for a year as Nick participates in a foot and ankle fellowship program. (We can live anywhere for a year, right?) Another adventure, and then hopefully we’ll settle down somewhere after!

I’m so proud of Nick. His hard work and diligence these past few years in residency has paid off and he’s procured interviews at several prestigious foot and ankle programs (in the East Coast and Midwest areas where most of them are located). He’s been flying all over the place these past couple months, but I was fortunate to tag along with him this past weekend for an interview at the Steadman Clinic in Vail, CO! Not a bad place to interview, babe!

We landed Thursday evening and drove the two hours to Vail from Denver. The hotel prices in the area were astronomical, and because we’ve been loving VRBO lately after a great vacation rental experience in Sayulita, Mexico, we decided to stay at a condo in West Vail this trip. It was a sweet, cozy space literally next to a creek, 2 mi. from Vail Village, and perfect for a weekend getaway. We gravitate towards boutique hotels generally but I like how vacation rentals give more of a “local” and personal experience when we travel. I highly recommend it! (Another vacation rental site I’ve been wanting to try is AirBNB. Next trip maybe??)

Here are a few photos from our quick weekend getaway- life has been so hectic lately, it was exactly what we needed to refresh from the daily grind and reconnect! Vail is just gorgeous. We may not end up here, but will certainly be returning, perhaps in the summer, which the locals say is even more beautiful than winter!

Reading material in the condo

Reading material in the condo

Gore Creek view from our front door

Gore Creek view from our front door

Vail Village

Vail Village

Cozy evenings in the Village

Cozy evenings in the Village

We didn't wear helmets when we skied growing up!

We didn’t wear helmets when we skied growing up!

Nick heads to the Riva Bahn Lift, it's powder time!

Nick heads to the Riva Bahn Lift, it’s powder time!

View of the Back Bowls

View of the Back Bowls

I love the sunlight in this one

I love the sunlight in this one. Let’s be honest, I just love the sun!

Aprés ski: my favorite part of ski days

Aprés ski: my favorite part of ski days

Snapped in the car driving back to the airport- bye Vail! Until next time.

Snapped in the car driving back to the airport- bye Vail! Until next time.

our week of love

instead of celebrating valentine’s day on the exact date, i decided we would do fun things this entire week.   and by that, it only means ordering take-out, eating out more, and trying to make things in heart shapes as much as possible.  this allowed us to handle our busy week and not be disappointed when the husband works late on v-day.

IMG_1870       IMG_1839

do all of you give gifts to your kiddos for valentine’s?  we got nola a dress and a book this year.  and the spoiled little lady also got some packages from both grandparents (thanks grandparents especially the grandma’s since i know they really are the one’s responsible :)).  she definitely was feeling the love!

here’s some photos of nola at her valentine’s playdate.  never easy taking photos of a group of babies, but they sure are cute!



i did make was this fun crochet heart garland.  here’s the tutorial if you want to make it also!

crochet heart garland

i love valentine’s day!  it’s an excuse to do something special for our favorite people AND  to spoil ourselves too.  hopefully i can let everyone know that we love them year round with or without the holiday.  so if you are reading this, WE LOVE YOU!!!

our angel girl...however at 7 months we can see some sassiness happening!!

our angel girl, haha…however at 7 months we are starting to see some sassiness! so she’s not as innocent as she looks! we love her sass and all!

random thoughts and what’s been going on lately…

lately things have been kind of blah.   i know everyone has those spells and hoping and confident things will start to look up!  even typing that made me a feel a whole lot better.  i mean it’s valentine’s day tomorrow so that’s a good thing!  i had a lot of grandiose ideas on what to do for valentine’s day and send people but with cj and i being busy with life that didn’t happen 🙁

last week i went to a talk about speech development for our little sweet babies.  the information she provided was great, but also information most mommies are subconsciously doing already.  like making sure we narrate to our sweeties everything we are doing or what’s around us as much as possible.  something i did find very interesting was that she said using a straw vs. sippy cup could help in their speech.  she also gave us a great reminder to not freak out about the information we get off the internet.  very guilty.

i also went to a seminar on sleep training.  seriously folks, as i’m typing this, all my classes are getting silly here.  but this class was actually great and gave me a lot of insight and strategies on sleep training.  it’s funny how the discussion of how parents handle putting their babies to sleep tends to be so controversial.  for me personally i am not passionate one way or the other on how parents handle this.  going on 7 months where i got 5 hours of sleep 1 time, we have just been desperate to try anything.  they recommended or emphasized that it’s easier to sleep train after the babies have been weaned and 6 months is a recommended age to start (of course this can be different per book/sleep coach).  Since nola was a preemie and still quite small we are planning to try it when she’s older…we’ll see cj and i are sensitive and it’s hard for us to let her cry 🙂  if anyone has any questions or wants more info on what i learned hit me up!

i have to finish by saying great food things did happen this past weekend.  like kara’s cupcake’s opening just a couple blocks from where we live.  i also spoiled myself with treats from la boulange AND we feasted on vietnamese sandwiches (that’s not a big surprise we typically do that every weekend).


could eat one of these everyday!

could eat one of these everyday!