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The (Not So Little) Red Dress

Like many last evening, I was glued to the television watching President Obama’s second inauguration ceremony. Regardless of politics, I love the hopeful spirit of Inauguration Day. It is what makes this country great.

Admittedly the highlight of the night was when Michelle Obama came out in that stunning, ruby chiffon and velvet gown by Jason Wu. Nick heard me whoop with glee from the other room! While she looks beautiful in anything, what struck me was how bold and confident her color choice was, and how appropriate it was in marking the beginning of their second term in the White House.

Red is a strong statement. It gives everyone a boost whenever they wear it. It’s an “I don’t mess around” color! Forget the LBD. We all need a little more red in our lives, don’t you think?


Beautiful couple and family.  And wow, those arms.

Let’s Go

Hello lovelies,

I admit I tend to like the familiar, the comfort of knowing what is next, with a hit of spontaneity and adventure thrown in every once in awhile so life is not boring. When Missy asked if I were interested in co-writing a blog with her, I initially hesitated because I’ve never been good about keeping a diary or journal. This time, however, why not? It’s time to take a risk and put my point-of-view out in the world. This blog could be a diversion to friends and family, a coffee-break for any reader that stops by, but it could also serve as a record of our journey and of the things we enjoy along the way as we try to figure life out.

So here will be the theme of my future entries from someone I find truly inspirational:



Hello Lovely!

Welcome Lovelies!  This blog is about defining “lovely” in our hectic lives and taking time to smell the roses.  We provide two fresh perspectives on life and everything therein.  Our path to happiness, love and family has taken us all across the nation and we haven’t slowed down a bit.  We currently live in two of the hippest cities, San Francisco and Seattle.

Founders & Editors of Defining Lovely:

I am a mommy to a beautiful baby girl and married to one of the kindest and most driven guys you will ever find.  Prior to having our baby my profession was in architecture.  Now that I am a Stay At Home Mom I am embracing this new role and learning as I go.  Things I find absolutely lovely are making food, but especially eating it, designing, crafting and on the top of the list is my little family.

IMG_1502 IMG_0716

I’m a Southern California girl currently living in beautiful (albeit rainy) Seattle with my husband, Nick and my dog, Miles. We have been here for the past four years and prior to that, we lived in Chicago where I met my dear friend and compatriot, Missy. Needless to say, we have been slowly working our way around the country and loving our experiences. The things I find most lovely are usually associated with family, friends, travel, art, events, design, books, and food. My background is in art history and museum studies but my day-to-day job is in packaging manufacturing and distribution. On the side, I enjoy a little event planning so as you can tell, I’m all over the place and am still searching for my ultimate passion. Perhaps it will be found here!

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