2013 Halloween

This year for Halloween we figured it will be the last year we can dress Nola up to be whatever WE want since I’m assuming and actually excited to see what she wants to be next year.  So we decided that she was going to be a robot this year.  If you are wondering, yes we do live vicariously through our child whenever possible.  I really wanted to do a DIY on the the robot costume, but it got really complicated…maybe in another lifetime when I have more time I will attempt to document the pattern (hit me up if you are interested).


^^^ one night i was working on it til 2am, yes i am a crazy mom sometimes ^^^

IMG_4093 ^^^ and b/c i didn’t get it done for an early halloween event she was a makeshift ballerina.  real life people ^^^

Our Halloween festivities started at CJ’s work where they had an office Halloween party.  Nola got her first glimpse of what it would be like to be famous.  People were asking me left and right if they could take her photo or if they could take a photo with her in it.  A cute kid in a cute costume is pretty irresistible.  There was music playing so she got in a little dancing and throw in some fresh fruit, well this was her kind of party.  I was a little nervous how she would handle being in the costume for a long time, but she really was a rockstar.

photo (2) ^^^ at daddy’s work ^^^

After the party we went trick or treating closer to home.  Since I don’t give Nola candy it was more about the experience, so we only walked a block and went to about 5 houses.  We could tell she was getting tired since she was starting to trip more than normal, and a robot down is not easy getting back up.  On the car ride home I was sure she fell asleep because of all the activities, but rather she figured out how to open a pack of smarties and ate half of them.  Let me digress by saying if our child is very quiet she is 100% doing something she shouldn’t be.




DSC_0058 ^^^ this photo cracks us up!!  lets hope this doesn’t cause therapy in the future ^^^

DSC_0050 ^^^ love my girl so much ^^^




DSC_0167 ^^^ dad thanks for the lift!  i can’t wait to open this pack of smarties ^^^

I have always enjoyed the Holidays, but since Nola came along, it has become apparent to me that there’s a new spark and excitement that I am feeling.  I truly love experiencing celebrations and starting new traditions with my little family.

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