Friday Rambling

I will probably say this the entire year, but I would really be ok with Nola going to school Monday through Thursday. I guess I’d just like the have a 3 day weekend with my girl. Every week these days seems that much more busy! But tonight when putting Jonas down I just can’t help but feel so grateful for these tired, busy and crazy days. I recently read something along the lines where these were the good days: the kids are still in the house, parents are alive and well and can’t help but be so thankful for this chapter in our lives. But at the same time already mourning because this won’t be like this forever. Oh life why do you have to be so hard sometimes!!

– Yesterday I made applesauce, brownies, lunch & dinner (that’s not something out of the ordinary) and green smoothies. So by the end of the day the house smelled like heaven thanks to the applesauce, but also looked like my kitchen blew up. I often feel like all I do is make food and do dishes ALL FREAKIN DAY LONG.

– Nola loves playing pretend makeup and sometimes I let her put real makeup on me. While putting it on me the other night she had a very concerned look. I asked her what was wrong and her response, “oh nothing, it’s just your face.” I literally died.

– I would love any inventive imaginative advice on playing trucks. Jonas would like to play that ALL day long and I lose passion guys.

Life’s good and I’m thankful.

Apple Picking – 2016


There was a stretch awhile back where it was raining for days in a row and FINALLY there was a break so we took advantage and went apple picking. Along with going to pumpkin farms, this is a family highlight we love doing in the fall. This year we went to Appleberry Farms and it was perfect. It wasn’t too far to where we live and it was small and manageable…perfect for our little kiddos. I also should mention they had the best brats with this apple relish that was to die for. CJ was pretty pumped to eat any of the kid’s leftovers. We all had a really great time and Nola’s ready to do it again :)

Here’s some photos if you care to see:

dsc_0070 this boy is in heaven at this moment. tears getting him off :( dsc_0097 dsc_0106 love this photo so much
dsc_0131 dsc_0125 guys i’m fully aware of how fortunate i am to be these kiddos mama. this gig of being mom has been truly the best thing!!! dsc_0117 this photo speaks volumes and best describes a typical moment in our day. so glad to have this captured!! dsc_0141 dsc_0138 dsc_0150 dsc_0154 have i mentioned lately that i’m obsessed with this kid?!?

First Day of School

We’ve been trying to get into the groove with school and honestly it’s been hard to get into a good routine. We are getting there, but I actually was thinking, ‘man I can’t wait until it’s summer and we don’t have to be so rushed‘. Which of course is super sad and hilarious since we have practically the whole year yet! But at the same time school’s been such a good thing. Nola loves it and we are so thankful how she’s become so well adjusted. I mentioned to a couple of people how I always think about homeschooling, but since we aren’t world travelers (we can all hope, right?) and we are staying put these days, I think this works best for our family.

Here’s photos on the first day. We of course needed to dig up another backpack for sweet Jonas boy because he needs to be doing anything sisters doing.

dsc_0006 this photo is a good depiction of my two kiddos. jonas is so happy he’s included and nola’s miss thing! gah i love these two silly!
dsc_0004 img_1189 i don’t say it enough but nola is a really good egg and sister!! she loves her little brother so much. img_1188 we are proud of this little girl and so thankful for her! nola i pray you have an amazing year!!!

2016 Pope Farms


We made sure to see the sunflowers at Pope Farms while they were at it’s peak this summer. It’s a great local adventure to take in the Madison and since it’s a little ways to get to the fields it’s also a great place to let the kiddos run around and use up some of their energy.

Here’s some photos if you care to see:

dsc_0239 dsc_0243 dsc_0224 dsc_0252 dsc_0312 dsc_0335 dsc_0349 img_0637  love my little squad!

Jonas at 20 Months

I need to just start out by saying Jonas has been my dream baby boy. For not thinking I even wanted a boy, goodness he is so much joy and proves that foolish thought was absolutely ridiculous everyday. Sure glad God knows what we need more than we do ourselves!

So here’s some things Jonas has been doing lately that I don’t want to forget:

– He LOVES trucks. It’s silly we didn’t push this on him, but yet he is all boy! He will make his food, rocks, anything he finds become a truck, he can be very resourceful.

– He takes one nap during the day, but having a new house being built right behind us is kind of messing with that lately.

– Jonas still thinks Nola is the bees knees, which she is. He wants to do everything she does, has, he loves her and really looks up to her!

– Following his daddy and sister he is becoming quite the sweet tooth lover. For instance he can pound one of those mini cupcakes in a minute. We monitor this of course, but this family if they could would eat sweets all day.

– Because of me being away from him in the evenings recently we decided to wean him and he’s doing really well so far, it’s only been day 3, but during the day he has become super clingy and not the happy Jonas I know. It makes me sad, but I think it’s just been a hard adjustment. I wasn’t too happy to be forced to wean not on my own terms, but I think this is best for now. Will this be the last time I ever breastfeed a baby!!! Crying over here!!!

– When he needs me or can’t find me he yells, “mom, mom, mom, mom” in his cute little voice and I kind of die. Only I do have discussions with him that since he’s only 20 months he can still call me ‘mommy’.

– We do netflix and the show that Jonas loves is Barney. Jonas calls it ‘Barbee’ it’s kind of the cutest and then I call it that and I’m pretty sure he will never know how to say it right. I know Barney got a bad rap, but I LOVE barney. They sing and dance and teach. Whatever dude, we are proud Barney fans over here.

– Now all the halloween stuff is out at the stores and Jonas is terrified of all of that (which you kind of don’t mind b/c then he snuggles you) but it’s gotten to the point where yesterday he was even scared to go by the nice bears in walgreens. Bless that sweet boys heart.

– I kind of love my alone time with Jonas while Nola is in school. Being a second kid and all he definitely deserves the undivided attention and I love giving it to him.

– Jonas is starting to be able to communicate so much more and that’s so much fun when we know he gets it. He loves reading books just as much as he likes knocking them off the book shelves these days.

– Guys 20 months is kind of the best and we are so in love with our little dude. Jonas I can’t imagine not knowing you and so thankful for you little guy!!

img_1260 got this while he was napping holding one of nola’s baby’s bottles. normally he’s holding a truck :)