2016 Halloween

Halloween is a pretty big deal around here. The fact that my kids get to dress up in a costume and people will give them CANDY…well that’s a good good day in their opinion. And frankly seeing how happy they are, it makes our day pretty great too.

This year Nola wanted to be a tiger again. At first we were encouraging and suggesting that she be something different. But she held strong and then we realized if this is what she wants why are we trying to change her mind? This is where I got lazy though and since Nola was going to be the same thing, my thinking was, ‘well then Jonas can wear the same costume too.’  But the day of Halloween I had mom guilt and frantically made him a firetruck costume because of his love of all things trucks. That was a mistake on my end because it made me really stressed that day and the anxiety didn’t subside until after the kids were sleeping?? I will be first to admit I have issues. And ultimately resulted in me not enjoying the night as much as I could have :( . Jonas liked the truck, but he’s little, I’m sure he would have been just as excited being a tiger and mobility would have been 100x easier as well. Steps in that costume was HARD.

We really love our new neighborhood and feeling thankful these days, but that night we missed our old digs a bit. Our old neighborhood is a more established neighborhood and more dense so it just seemed easier to go trick or treating and was more action packed maybe? We may got 4 kids who came to our house after we got back and frankly that night kind of seemed anti-climatic??? But at the end of the day, Nola told us she had a super fun night, so regardless on how we felt I’m really glad she wasn’t feeling the same feels. Kids are really great like that.

Here’s some photos of the night if you care to see: dsc_0132 this was the past weekend when we carved our pumpkins. we feel pretty spoiled with all this amazing fall weather that is sticking around. we were actually able to carve our pumpkins outside this year!! and can i say i live for matching pajamas!!! dsc_0136 my little firetruck and tiger dsc_0145 the,’ok get this over with mom’ photo dsc_0153 his hat stayed on as long as it took to take this photo dsc_0159 dsc_0176 dsc_0177 dsc_0179 dsc_0181 dsc_0192 checking out their candy and the only night of the year where jonas will have candy for dinner, eeck!!


2016 Pumpkin Patch

While typing this I am watching game 7 of the World Series and well, this game is quite literally killing me. It’s so stressful and I can’t even imagine how my friends who are true diehard fans are doing at this moment. Bless you all!

Awhile back we did the annual family trip to Eugster’s Farm and it was everything it has been every year, but yet it never disappoints. It’s like a familiar song that brings back nostalgia and fun and our kids at the perfect age that love pretty much all of it. From the petting zoo portion to the infamous puppet show…it’s good times. Just writing this and realizing the kids won’t stay these little adorable people and think going to this farm isn’t the best thing ever is just breaking this mama’s heart. I know I know, I sound like a broken record over here, but I just can’t handle how fast they are growing?!!!! To prove my point here are the previous pumpkin farm visits 2015, 2014 and 2013.

Here’s photos of the day if you care to see:

dsc_0114-copy dsc_0047 the infamous photo behind at the train (please do yourself a favor and check out last year’s photo at this location!) dsc_0057 dsc_0002 this girl loves her animals dsc_0011 dsc_0021 dsc_0027 dsc_0070-copy dsc_0078 dsc_0096 she found her pumpkin! dsc_0107 dsc_0104 this poor kid had trouble walking in this field. all those vines and ruts were not his friend. dsc_0116 dsc_0093

Friday Ramblings

- Living in Chicago for 5 plus years you can’t help but be super excited the Cubs finally made it to the World Series. I am the most excited for many of my die hard friends who get to finally see this happen! My dad also told me today that my grandpa was a huge fan and he and my mom has memories of him listening to the games on the radio.

– We went on a date this week. Trying to be intentional about it, even when it seems like more work and a hassle during this chapter of our lives. I get stressed trying to pick up the house and and the kids fed before we leave. I want to care less about the having a messy house, but I can’t help I still have some self preservation.

– I watched the cheesiest movie on Netflix, but I LOVED it. It’s called Heart of the Country. It was like one of those Hallmark, feel good movies, but it was so good!!

–  We have this clock for Nola. You can set it so that it lights up green when she can leave her room. It hasn’t been reset since she started school and we finally changed it because she’s been waking up way too early these days (5:30!!). Well we accidentally set the alarm rather than the light and when we heard it go off when CJ ran in her room this morning and he found Nola under the covers!! She’s so stinkin cute and cracks us up!!! Needless to say if there’s anything beeping, like maybe a fire detector, she won’t leave the room and put the blankets over the head. Promise we are working on that! And rest assured we have changed the clock!

– I made these cinnamon rolls today and they were good! They really weren’t that hard either, it’s just takes some time for the dough to rise. Make them, you will be happy!

– During football season we now have become the typical WI family that wears badger gear each Saturday. It’s so comical for us especially, but I also kind of love it.

Hope you all have a good weekend! On our list of things to do is carving our pumpkins.

Friday Rambling

I will probably say this the entire year, but I would really be ok with Nola going to school Monday through Thursday. I guess I’d just like the have a 3 day weekend with my girl. Every week these days seems that much more busy! But tonight when putting Jonas down I just can’t help but feel so grateful for these tired, busy and crazy days. I recently read something along the lines where these were the good days: the kids are still in the house, parents are alive and well and can’t help but be so thankful for this chapter in our lives. But at the same time already mourning because this won’t be like this forever. Oh life why do you have to be so hard sometimes!!

– Yesterday I made applesauce, brownies, lunch & dinner (that’s not something out of the ordinary) and green smoothies. So by the end of the day the house smelled like heaven thanks to the applesauce, but also looked like my kitchen blew up. I often feel like all I do is make food and do dishes ALL FREAKIN DAY LONG.

– Nola loves playing pretend makeup and sometimes I let her put real makeup on me. While putting it on me the other night she had a very concerned look. I asked her what was wrong and her response, “oh nothing, it’s just your face.” I literally died.

– I would love any inventive imaginative advice on playing trucks. Jonas would like to play that ALL day long and I lose passion guys.

Life’s good and I’m thankful.

Apple Picking – 2016


There was a stretch awhile back where it was raining for days in a row and FINALLY there was a break so we took advantage and went apple picking. Along with going to pumpkin farms, this is a family highlight we love doing in the fall. This year we went to Appleberry Farms and it was perfect. It wasn’t too far to where we live and it was small and manageable…perfect for our little kiddos. I also should mention they had the best brats with this apple relish that was to die for. CJ was pretty pumped to eat any of the kid’s leftovers. We all had a really great time and Nola’s ready to do it again :)

Here’s some photos if you care to see:

dsc_0070 this boy is in heaven at this moment. tears getting him off :( dsc_0097 dsc_0106 love this photo so much
dsc_0131 dsc_0125 guys i’m fully aware of how fortunate i am to be these kiddos mama. this gig of being mom has been truly the best thing!!! dsc_0117 this photo speaks volumes and best describes a typical moment in our day. so glad to have this captured!! dsc_0141 dsc_0138 dsc_0150 dsc_0154 have i mentioned lately that i’m obsessed with this kid?!? so.much.fun.